About the Cape Town City Guide


my name is Diana

I have a blog called Miss Moss. As you may have guessed, I live in Cape Town. As someone who loves travelling and always researches a place before I go there I completely understand the appeal of finding out where the locals eat, drink and shop. That’s why I created this guide. You’re guaranteed to have the best time in a foreign city if you have someone showing you around, so if you’re not lucky enough to know a Capetonian then consider the Cape Town City Guide a handy substitute.

In short

If a friend had to ask what they should do in Cape Town, this is what i’d tell them.



This is a personal guide

I’m not attempting to rewrite the Lonely Planet guide to Cape Town. I haven’t listed any of the major tourist attractions, beaches, landmarks, etc – which are super easy to figure out. Visit any tourist office or just google ‘Cape Town’. For a list of all the restaurants in town visit Eat Out.

It’s a work in progress

There are many places that I’ve heard are GREAT… but I’m yet to visit.  In an effort to be transparent I’ve only included places that I have actually been to. BUT I will be updating the guide all the time, and will eventually include more places on the other side of the mountain as well.

Suggestions are welcome

If you’re a local reading this and you have a suggestion of a rad place to visit then please email me. as I said I’d love to continue building and adding onto the list. If you suggest a place I haven’t visited yet then I will go there and experience it first hand!



Enjoy your time in Cape Town !